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Emergency changes to UK IHT payments and returns processes

HMRC is scrapping cheques for the payment and repayment of inheritance tax (IHT), as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

It will no longer accept payment of IHT by cheque, and will not issue cheques or payable orders for the repayment of IHT. In future, the tax must be paid by any of the other methods specified in its guidance, and repayments will be made direct to a named bank account using the faster payments (FPI) system.

To receive a repayment, the payee details must be sent to HMRC in writing, in a letter signed by all the people who signed the IHT400 or IHT100. This letter must be headed ‘Repayment – further details’.

This change appears to be permanent, rather than just for the duration of the crisis.

Further, because of the self-isolation and social distancing measures in place, HMRC is temporarily accepting printed signatures on IHT returns instead of personal representatives’ (PRs’) physical signatures, when there is a professional agent acting.

The names and other personal details of the PRs or trustees must be shown on the declaration page, and the account must include a clear and unambiguous statement from the agent to confirm that all the PRs or trustees have seen the IHT account and have agreed to be bound by the declaration.

Source: STEP Journal 16 April 2020

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