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Dealing with a loved one’s assets after their death can be daunting.  The funeral needs to be arranged, the asset companies need to be contacted and any outstanding debtors need to be informed.

If an estate is worth more than £5,000 it is usual that the banks and investment companies will require a Grant of Probate.  Probate is the court process by which the Will is proved and accepted as the valid last Will of the deceased.  It confirms that the Executors have the authority to administer the estate and is often asked for by the asset companies.  Before a Grant of Probate can be applied for, the deceased’s estate must be valued as at the date of death.  The ‘estate’ includes all assets owned by the deceased; property, bank accounts, investments, shares, personal items etc.

Fogwill and Jones (Legal Services) Limited ease the burden by handling the administration of the estate for the Executors.

We will assist by writing to each company or financial institution where the deceased held assets, asking for the information you need to apply for Probate.  We will complete the Inheritance Tax forms and other documentation and once Probate has been obtained, we will assist you by writing the letters to collect in the assets and by assisting with the letters to settle the payment of any bills.

We work efficiently and sensitively to deal with the estate quickly to minimise your upset and stress.  We can do as much or as little of the administration as you require.  We will provide clear cost effective advice.

For further information, please either call us on 0114 2588887 and ask for Helena Grady or complete our Contact Enquiry page.

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