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Wills are legal documents that direct your assets to others following your death.  It is important that everyone has an up to date Will to ensure that their assets pass to their intended beneficiaries.

It is particularly important in the following circumstances:

Before making a Will you should consider your estate: what assets do you have and who would you like to leave them to?

You will need to think about who you wish to appoint as Executors.  They are the people who are responsible for handling your affairs after your death.  Executors’ responsibilities include arranging the funeral, gathering all of your assets, settling your debts, bills and taxes from the proceeds of the assets and distributing the remainder in accordance with your Will.

Fogwill & Jones (Legal Services) Limited can be appointed as Executors.  It may be useful to have an impartial Executor if there is family upset or where the parties  have been married before and have children from previous relationships.  An independent Executor, such as Fogwill & Jones (Legal Services) Limited, can be invaluable in sorting out any disagreements.

If you have children under the age of 18 (unless they are married) you should consider appointing guardians who will be responsible for your children until they reach 18.  Being a guardian involves making decisions about the children’s upbringing, education, health and welfare.

How will you distribute your assets?  Do you have dependants that you need to consider?  Would you like to put your assets into a Trust and appoint Trustees to make decisions about when and how much each potential beneficiary should receive based on the circumstances at that time?

If you are concerned about Inheritance Tax or long-term care costs, there may be something you can do in your Will to mitigate this.

At Fogwill and Jones (Legal Services) Limited we have the expertise to advise you fully on your Will requirements and to prepare an accurate document that is legally binding.

For a free, no obligation consultation; just complete the form on the ‘contact’ page or call us on 0114 258 8887 and ask for Helena Grady.

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