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Time to make a Will?

In these strange and uncertain times we are all considering how we can protect ourselves and keep our families safe.  Some of us have been self-isolating, and we should all be exercising social distancing.

But what else could we be doing to safeguard our families?  Is it time to make a Will?

Only one in three people in the UK currently have Wills.  This means that the majority of people in the UK would have their estates distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules.  These Rules set out who inherits from your estate, based on the relatives you have at the date of your death and on the value of your assets.

Under these Rules it is not guaranteed that your husband or wife will inherit all of your estate and even worse, if you are not married, your partner would not receive anything from your estate regardless of how long you have lived together.   Both situations would doubtless cause financial hardship and uncertainty.

When I meet with new Will clients for the first time, I often ask them what has brought them to make their Will now?  Common responses include: “it has been on the ‘to do’ list for a long time”; “I haven’t got round to it until now”;   or “I haven’t had time”.

One thing that a lot of us have at the moment is a bit more time.  We could use the time to consider preparing a Will to protect those around you, to contact the solicitor to talk through your circumstances and importantly, to get the Will signed so that it is legally binding.

By making a Will you are protecting yourself and your family and you will have peace of mind that you have planned for the future.

Fogwill & Jones (Legal Services) Limited remains open during these unprecedented times with our staff working from home.  We are conducting meetings with our clients via Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom or on the telephone.

If would like to make a Will please contact Helena Grady  on (0114 258889).  Helena is a Solicitor and member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) with many years’ experience advising on, and drafting Wills.

Please note that, although Fogwill & Jones (Legal Services) Limited operate from the same premises as Fogwill & Jones Asset Management Limited they are entirely separate businesses.  The only connection is that both are owned by Colin Fogwill. If you are a client of Fogwill & Jones Asset Management Limited you are under no obligation to instruct Fogwill & Jones (Legal Services) Limited and you may choose to instruct alternative legal advisers.

Source:  Helena Grady (Solicitor) Fogwill & Jones (Legal Services) Limited – March 2020